The Silent Tide

Trying so hard to live each day
I reach on out and give things away
Trying to help others find their way
Embracing the moment as it slips away
Pulled in all directions yet I have no say
As I sleep thoughts begin to gain sway
Compulsive actions I try to hold at bay

Searching, creating and letting go
Words never truly cease to flow
Each day I rise yet I feel so low
My inner self takes a hidden blow
Trying to reap what I sew
Silent are my thoughts that I stow
God what the hell do I need to know?

I try to ease my pain inside
Thru laughter and mirth I do tend to hide
No close friends nearby that I can confide
Trying to turn back the silent tide
I always tend to swallow my pride
Longing for a woman to stand by my side
To have and to hold sharing the ride