Truth’s We All Shall Own

As the trees bend and sway,
A silent fear does take hold.
You know what’s coming your way,
His name’s uttered; within stories old.

Judgement day, truths to be told,
He has come at long last!
As your defences start to fold,
His verdict shall come to pass.

As you take your last breath,
His scythe starts to come down!
As you embrace your own death,
Your lifeless body hits the ground.

Suddenly, you find yourself awake,
His message has finally hit home.
You have choices, actions to take.
Good and bad, they’re your own.

As you struggle finding your way,
Your future turns towards your past.
We’re all puppets within a play,
Actions you take shall come fast.

Your morality is on open display.
Your actions shall all hit home.
Shall angels or demons hold sway?
Our truth’s, we all shall own.