Brothers and sisters:
The people’s TRUST’s not a financial institution! It’s a sacred institution!
It’s not a business corporation to be used to chase profit nor is it supposed to be oppressive. You MUST approach and run it charitably from your heart for it is sacred.

1) Always side on the right and positive sideof any issue. Playing the game of opposites for profit is corruption.
2) I work for MASONRY and the SHRINE as an unpaid volunteer! This way I offend no one!
3) Good intentions and positive actions breed positive results!
4) There is nothing wrong with a monopoly in business!
5) Both MASONRY and the SHRINE must stop fighting the people’s TRUST to control it. It’s Sacred and already in your hands!
6) Print as much money for each government in question as required by the people. There is no need to collect interest on free money, for the people already own it and have placed their collective trust in it. Forgive the pun.
7) For example, buy up every country’s debt by using the FED to print all the money required to do this and merge all the currencies into one. All these ideas of trying to stay on top of power are to be set aside in order to run the world effectively.
8) Taxation is a tool for simply gauging how effectively you are ruling and the efficiency of law.
9) Since you are funding all the global government entities, 100 percent the people would then be treated with love.
10) Space exploration to reduce pollution is a must! Take our trash off world, for example!
11) Since we could eliminate all mechanisms that are negative by printing money, we could afford to buy clean energies, for example, and fund mega infrastructure programs of biblical proportions such as the Chinese have undertaken for their people! Mega cities are just an example! They are also just the start!
12) Think about it: global warming is here to stay unless our elected officials decide to use our weapons of mass destruction to trigger the next Ice Age!
13) Since the waters will rise, can we afford to wait, argue, and tie our hands—then pass the blame for doing nothing? While leaving everyone to die? Stupid!

Conclusion: the time for sitting back on our hands, crying that we are broke, is over! Eliminate the concept of business in government before it’s too late. The time to act is now! The US, for example, should be building mega sea walls to maintain its land mass, which I see as a requirement born out of necessity’s urgencies looking down the road into the future!

Money is not the TRUST! LIFE is in actuality!

King of both Masonry and the Shrine 2007 to 2017!

John Oross.