“A Conversation with Father.”

Sadly, you’re no longer with me
But I carry you, it’s true
In my heart you still linger
That’s the crystal clear simple truth
My soul hungers for your presence
I know that you didn’t want
To leave us all that day
But God simply called you away
I will never get over you

I’ve tried to follow your wisdom
In my many actions and deeds
I’ve kept the trust within focus
Never have I taken from them
But I have moved this world
In a more inclusive positive direction
I am the king you were
I have given with no strings
So unity can have its say

Your firm and gentle guiding hand
The concept of equality for all
Has a chance to re-establish itself
As the way for the TRUST
All I’ve had is my heart
My mind has been crystal clear
The focus of old born anew
So as to give them love
I’m not welcome amongst their ranks