“A Long, Lingering Dream.”

Of all the flowers
In the world today
You’re the most precious
I truthfully must say
Although you have thorns
Your smell is intoxicating
Your beauty surpasses words
You are my rose.

I most often dream
That time stands still
And your pastel petals
Retain their crimson hue
Dew drops cascading down
Your leafy branch protrusions
Basking in the sun
Your aura’s a rainbow!

I have seen gardens
Unkept, unloved, and wild
But they fall short
In every single way
You’re my soul’s center
Alas, I woke up
A long, lingering dream
Longing for my rose.

I’ve done many things
Encased you within art
But I did so
Through multiple hidden hands
Pulling strings for you
Always indirectly for free
Not offending the fates
Just looking for love!

My art healed you
My heart saved you
I lifted you up
Without thought of reward
Wiped away your tears
Brushed aside your fears
I’ve taught you much
Can you see me?