I awoke one autumn morning to silence, nothing and no one around
Not a breeze in the air, no movement on the ground

All was still and silent

The multicolored leaves on the trees pull your gaze upward
Providing a backdrop for the clear baby-blue sky above

All was still and silent

Curls of smoke from chimneys like fingers reached for the sky
The sun was slowly climbing on the horizon casting about its rays

All was still and silent

Suddenly, the alarm clock goes off and you get out of bed for the day
Work is inevitably on the agenda with no time for rest, relaxation or play

What must I do today?


As you awaken each day, your mind is clear from distraction and you are at peace. But this lasts only for a moment.

Everyone has work to do in order to live and the thought of a break is usually pushed aside.

One moment in each day is yours. Hold onto it.

This is your life without a partner to share your bed and home. You are alone.


Step back and reflect. Change things. Take time to LIVE.