“Can’t You All See?”

Can’t you all see?
That we’re all wasting our time.
Chasing money in perpetuity, casting aside our liberty.
Will reason not prevail?
Or will our futures set sail?
Liberty’s found by embracing everyone as an equal.
Inequality only breeds hate.
Help each other, before it’s too late!
Forgive those who have trespassed against you.
So we can move forward together in unity.

So, can’t you all see?
Love of life’s greater than hate.
Set aside our differences, for life is not a game.
Will reason truly prevail?
Or shall we simply fail?
Only through forgiveness can we reconcile our past.
In order for life to prevail,
We must help each other, else we all shall fail.
Common sense is based upon reason,
No matter the time, place or specific season.

Can’t you all see?
That time’s running short.
We must set aside carbon fuels, which cause mass extinctions.
Will cooler heads prevail?
Will reason lift the veil?
Thankfully it’s not too late, to change our collective fate.
Wisdom’s only found through true love,
God already has enough angels up above.

So, will you yield your hate?
Before it’s simply too late.
We must set to rights our path and reach for the stars above.
Will truth truly prevail?
Will Humanity simply fail?
So it’s up to you and I, do you want humanity to simply die?
We must stop repeating the same old play,
Or humanity shall succumb to death and decay.