“Come Back to Me.”

As I lie alone at night
I dream of your sweet love
I simply wish to hold you tight
So I pray to God above

As I go about my day
I think of your gentle touch
I simply wish you’d come my way
Dreaming doesn’t give you much

Come back to me . . .
Come back to me . . .
I want my dream that’s true
Oh how I want you in my arms
Cause baby I need you

As I try to live my life
I think of your great smile
I’ve given you the best of me
So I’ll wait for a while

As I listen to your songs
I realize that it’s not enough
Sadly, fate has passed me by
The lack of you is tough

Come back to me . . .
Come back to me . . .
I want my dream, that’s true
Oh, how I want you in my arms
’Cause, baby, I need you

“Pure Insanity.”

I dream of you constantly, baby
This is pure insanity
You don’t really know me, baby
That’s my simple reality
You’re not in my circle, baby
Fates kept you from me

And I . . .
Have done good deeds
I’ve worked for free
Through the Shrine and Masonry

When I . . .
Had given my art
You stole my heart
Right from the very start

But I . . .
Have torn my soul
Love takes a toll
Especially if you’re never known.