“Dancing Around the Christmas Tree.”

Dancing around the Christmas tree,
Decorating it for the first time!
Holly and lights making us sing,
Well late into the night.
Dancing around the Christmas tree,
The spirit of the season sets in!
Later we’ll have some special treats,
The jolly Old Elf shall soon bring!
As time slowly marches on,
We’ll reminisce upon memories from before.
Raising our voices in song and cheer,
We’ll belt out our festive songs!
Raise your voices, raise your glasses,
Give each other a wonderful smile!
Suddenly the gifts have appeared,
All around the Christmas tree.
With thankful smiles throughout the house,
Making memories to reminisce and sing!
Dancing around with the mistletoe,
Kissing everyone upon their cheeks!
As time passes and memories fade,
You will carry about Christmas inside.
As the secrets of the season are known,
Your joy you’ll be unable to hide.
So remember, the Jolly Old Elf’s watching!
Remember not to really misbehave.