“Day & Night.”

There are no winning sides in death.
There can be no future in death.
There are no victors within any war.

Death simply is the justification of hate.
Each and every single life is precious.
We must compromise, many over the few.

Life must be held as our wealth.
Money is used to corrupt any focus.
I have forsaken money to preserve myself.

Masonry and the Shrine must consider sharing.
Just as there’s day, we have night.
Each is a half of one whole.

Balance within our own natures are key.
Both GATOU and BALL are at war.
Simply because both sides try to rule.

Their relationship must be healed through love.
Again balance within our own actions defines.
Hate must be dealt with through truth.

Both are equals and must respect perspectives.
Time flows on with or without life.
It’s through life that we gain perspective.

I am the KING but I reason.
I don’t see the reason behind force.
I respect both sides of the coin.

We each must serve the TRUST faithfully.
Their beauty is beyond words of measure.
Perfection is found within finding our balance.