Don’t try looking for rainbows

Don’t try looking for rainbows,
while the rainclouds are thick in the sky.
They’ll appear when they depart,
and the sun is shining way up high.
Although many tears have fallen,
and many lonely years have passed on by.
Rainclouds don’t hang around forever,
Many rainbows shall appear for you and me.

Our love is a metaphor,
And the rainclouds are issues which pass by.
You’re in truth my rainbow,
And your love is my pot of gold.
Spend your love upon me (baby),
And spend your time as we grow old.
Our faith shall lead us,
And tears of our happiness shall indeed fall.

I’ve been blessed with abilities,
And I’ve given many pieces of art away.
Healing folks with my love,
Taking nothing, and then I simply walked away.
My soul cries for you,
Without you, I’d rather continue living life alone.
Since I’ve walked away,
Do you miss me now that I’m gone?

I’m not able to settle,
For nothing else really can compare to you.
I’ve been alone for years,
Waiting for my dreams to all come true.
I’m a king of old,
My kingdom rests within my heart and mind.
I believe within you all,
And towards most of you, I’ve been kind.

I’ve left you many clues,
And it’s within you that my heart resides.
Together we’ve already been one,
Working in unison for this is our time