“Dreaming of my multicolored rose.”

Dreams do come upon me
As I’m laying at rest.
Suddenly within a living play
Looking for my true love.
So vivid was my dream
I tossed to and fro.
The smell of many Roses
Had my heart beating faster.
Anticipation of my heart filled
Dreaming of truly forever after.
Suddenly I lay wide awake
Cast out of my dreaming.
Yet the smell of Roses
Hung within my nostrils still.
Hard did I try returning
Back to that lingering dream.
But sadly it was gone
Embers smoldered within my hearth.
I lay in wakeful silence
Breathing deeply of my Roses.
Another night came to pass
Filled full of vivid imagery.
The smell of many Roses
Had again come at last.
Oh, how my heart raced
Waiting in love-filled anticipation.
Longing to at long last
Be united with my dream.
Suddenly she came upon me
Her eyes filled with tears.
Joy had our hearts racing
As her arms flew wide.
The multicolored Roses were everywhere
Encasing us with their beauty.
Suddenly caught within sun showers
The heavens were crying joyfully.
Two dreamers turned into one
Under a brightly colored rainbow.
Hand in hand joyfully blessed
Our dreams fulfilled at last.
I awoke in the morning
Upon the fragrance of Roses.
My vision cleared of most
I rubbed my eyes again.
It was my living dream
Smiling with a knowing smile.