“From Each Moment On . . .”

From each moment
From our first glance
From every moment
That has come to pass
Our fires burning
So is our dance
From each moment,
On . . .
From each moment
From our first touch
From every moment
From our first kiss
Growing between us
So is our love
From each moment,
On . . .

I gave my love to you with all my heart.
I gave it freely, right from the start.
We came together and are now as one.
We placed our hands within the others grasp.
As we came together, our souls did touch.
We then eventually confessed, yes each of us.
Down the aisle we walked, under a rising sun.
Bells were ringing, yet there was no sound.
The preacher asked and we took our vows.
You gave your love to me with all your heart.
You gave it freely, right from the start.
We came together and are now as one.
My seed was planted within your fertile soil.
Together life sprang forth, our name carries on.
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(Main 2)
We are both now old and our hair is gray.
Our skin has withered; we’ve grown in many ways.(smile and wink)
Wisdom given to our children, passing on what we know.
Together we have built our precious young family.
Soon it will be that we will go our separate ways.
Our love shall linger, they shall carry on.
Hopefully they too shall bring up their young.
I wish that in truth we both could stay.
But one by one, we shall walk away.
God shall eventually call each of us away.
Heaven or hell He’ll place us, so they say.
Judgement shall indeed eventually come to pass.
Perhaps we shall meet again under a rising sun.
To again join the dance, becoming again one.
Yes, each moment shall linger, on . . .