“Globalization Vs Deglobalization”

Globalization (Democracy leads toward love and forgiveness)
Deglobalization (Entrenchment of hate securing enslavement)

The world of politics on the side of superiority by using their higher currency values tries to skip over their collective differences by turning away from the issues on the table. There can be peace upon this planet if we treat everyone as we ought to, as equals.

Currently, we the people have inherited a system of globalization based upon enslavement using currency differences whereby entire cultures have their contributions devalued—or, in other words, their time and efforts devalued. This is enslavement. This is an extension of hatred.

If we were indeed all of us equals, there would not be any need for borders or different laws and certainly a single currency would be adopted.

Right now, geopolitical issues are that the US, along with the Commonwealth, is trying to have their cake and eat it too by trying to remain on top of the currency marketplace through their keeping track of battles of old (history) of wins and losses on the battlefields over time past. This is old school and must be set aside.

Forgiveness starts from the top and works down, toward the masses governed. Common rules of law bring with them, over time, globalization, and a single currency to eventually be adopted. This is love.
Unity will secure the lives of everyone upon the planet, we would then be free to pursue higher pursuits of advancement. Space and deep-sea exploration for example.
Right now, Russia and China are united by theism based upon this global issue.

This is the real reason for the war in the Ukraine. Peace is presently maintained at the end of a gun barrel due to the above.
Wake up people! What are your lives collectively worth? The system of government is sacred and ought to be treated as such! Why? Because your lives cannot be replaced when they are sacrificed or lost!