“Happy Valentine’s Day!”

As I pray to God above
Please send to her all my love
On this very special day
It reminds me of her in every way
some make cards filled with prose
To celebrate romance and love
I dream of you every day
You’ve taken truly my breath away
As you sing from afar
Know I love you for who you are
My gift from God up above
Please accept this token of my love
It matters not where you go
My heart is with you, just so you know
So in this very special way
I wish to you happy Valentine’s Day
Relationships come, many go
But true love comes only once you know
So I’ve prayed in every way
Send her my love on this special day
Now I confess to you, my love
To pull you close and express my love
All I’m really trying to say
Please marry me soon, to God I pray
I love you more than I can say
Tried in so many different ways
With the strength from God above
I submit to you my true love
Nothing greater upon this earth
Defend true love for all your worth
So now as I go down upon my knee
I’m simply asking: marry me
How does one show their love is true?
Don’t be afraid to give yourself away
Always help others find their way
The essence of love is found today
Happy Valentine’s Day