“Have You Ever?”

Have you ever . . . peered through broken windows? Tripped upon some truth? Watched as others lied?
Have you ever . . . worked utterly for free? Hurt because you’re unknown? Held in silent agony?
Have you ever . . .

I’m truly
Very tired
I’ve given
Much away
Within our
Cosmic play
In order
To return
The love
Deep inside.
I’m truly
Very thankful
For the
Time given
So I
Can give.
Being a
Benevolent phantom
I kept
All within
My mind
And soul
Trying to
Give back
So not
To offend.
I am
Very unselfish
Sacrifice is
My aim.
A healer
Of sorts
Trying to
Restore balance
Through love
For life
To flourish
All around.
(Refrain) x2 (Spoken softly) Have you ever?