My Father told me
Do right by others
Be an upright man
It’s in your soul
Your heart is special
So be the man
Others can lean upon
Always give with heart
It won’t be wrong
Wisdom from ages past
Will guide your hands

My Father told me
You’re the right man
Pickup upon your heart
Never give into greed
Although you’re only twelve
I must say goodbye
I am called away
You will eventually follow
We will meet again
Now go and play
It’s my judgement day

The look of sadness
Within his falling tears
And his trembling hands
He closed his eyes
It was his way
his time had ended
God took him away

My Mother told me
You’re now in charge
I need your help
Look after your sister
As my tears fall
My heart is broken
All the good men
Are being taken away
First God took Elvis
Then your father too
I’m so very blue

My Mother told me
She found another man
He came upon me
One that truly understands
I will again marry
My heart’s now glad
My sadness is gone
It’s been many years
Spent crying and alone
I’ve found love again
My heart’s filled again

The look of happiness
Through her falling tears
She extended her hand
And grasped another man
It was her way
Unable to live alone
Without love at home

The very next day
Stepfather called us together
What he did say
Sure did hit home
We are called out
As two FN brats
He married for money
No love at all
Didn’t want to help
Hid his true agenda
Heart filled with hate

The very next instant
Stepfather called us together
I had to pay
Rent of 500 monthly
In order to stay
It was his way
Or the open door
He took my possessions
He took his place
Beside our weak Mother
Who had no say

My Sister and I
Oh, how we tried
But we were unhappy
Our cold, hard reality
Our home of old
Was no longer home
We both died inside

Close to my birthday
Eighteen was coming fast
I was truly unhappy
I was changing fast
I quit my job
I quit my school
Told my Step Monster
I couldn’t pay rent
He called me lazy
He labelled me bum
His evil just begun

My birthday had come
Eighteen I had turned
The house was silent
No one greeted me
My birthday’s special surprise
Was to be sprung
I went job hunting
The entire long day
Looking for a job
In order to pay
So I could stay

Upon returning back home
I was in shock
All my life’s possessions
Thrown upon the lawn
My heart was broken
Note upon the door
I was to leave

The locks were changed
I was now homeless
Happy birthday to me
His present of love
I went around back
Tried that door too
Found another cryptic note
Took Mother and Helena
Upon a trip away
Gone for several months
To visit his family

I gathered up everything
That I had owned
Sorted through it all
Tried the garage key
The key did turn
I had temporary shelter
Gone was the love
My life was empty
I took my art
Placed it all together
Lit it on fire

I wandered around empty
Nowhere to turn to
Nowhere to really go
I threw away much
I donated my cello
Back to my school
I had died again

I picked myself up
I kept to myself
For the first week
Looking for my purpose
Born from my past
Nowhere to turn to
I had no food
I had no water
I had no money
I had no hope
I had no dreams

After several weeks alone
Without anything or anyone
I was fighting inside
To confront this world
I was thrown into
Looking for a path
For my way forward
I went back to
My old hotel job
Went to ask someone
For a helping hand

I went to Sally-Ann
They gave me cash
To get a home
I had my health
I bought a meal
Had a drink too
Thankful for God’s love.