“I Did It for Her Love”

As of now, she’s not in my life.
And so, I live my life alone.
I’ve confessed my heart many times,
I’ll wait for her, of this I’m certain.

I’ve encased many with my art.
Paid with kindness from my very soul.
And more, way more than this,
I did it for her love.

Although I suffer in silence,
I smile every time I see her face.
I did what I could for all of you
And am waiting for my love to return.

I wrote her business plan,
And dressed her with my art and prose.
And more, way more than this,
I did it for her love.

Yes, I’ve paid the price for all of you,
And I walled away all my pain.
But though it all, there was never any doubt,
My soul cries for her and I will wait.
I served as king without any strings,
And did it for her love.

I’ve given toward all of you,
Free from my soul; I’ve paid with love.
And now, my tears I hide,
I find it all so darn confusing.

To think, I’ve given away my life.
And I did it in a humble way.
I haven’t taken from the trust
For the trust is truly sacred.

Who I truly am, just a humble man
With love in his heart and soul
To convey those things that I truly feel
And for this love I will never yield.
My life does show, I have given my all,
And did it for her love.