“I Do”

There’s a kind of rush . . .
That I get by watching you, that’s right.
As you travel the world, in search of me and my true love.
It’s always been from me.

Imagine the two of us . . .
United at last by our fates, that’s right.
All I ever wanted was your love and to be married to you.
You have my heart completely.

I’ve been waiting for you . . .
For your precious love of me, that’s true.
As you performed your art, no one else will ever do.
For that’s the simple truth.

Just imagine us both, united at long last.
Together, we are one, written in the stars.
This we both know, on with our show.

So read this note carefully . . .
You’re my true love.
I donated my art.
To enter your life.
A husband to a wife.

What I need from you . . .
Is your precious love, that’s right.
As you again travel the world, performing our art.
I just need to spend my life upon only you.

The only word I need hear . . .
Is “I DO” from you, my dear
You’re the spark in my eyes
And within my soul.
No one else will ever do.

“The Reality of Your Absence Lingers On.”

It was in the dead of night.
The sky lit up by the stars.
The moon was casting its cool glow.
As you quietly were walking on by.

Oh, how I wanted to hold you.
To hear your voice within my ears.
And listen to your heartfelt plea.
Baby, what have you done to me?

I remember that dream within my mind.
Framed you were with the stars above.
The moons glow reflected within your eyes.
As you had quietly walked on by.

Oh, how my thoughts of you linger.
I didn’t even get your first name.
Too stunned to chase after my dream.
The realty of your absence lingers on.

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Yes, the reality of your absence lingers on . . .