“Jaded Old Man.”

Every day as I walk along
My path has run on for years
Time waits for no one
As I look back upon my life
I realize “I do not recognize this man!”
He has become a jaded old man

Satisfaction in life is such an elusive thing
Hard to grab hold of what is unseen
How can you see where you are?
When you have no idea
Of what you really need
I’ve become a jaded old man

Take my brother, for instance
A most talented man
He can make beautiful music
Make art with his hands and mind
Gives all away to be kind
But still he is a jaded man

Angry at everyone
Upset at all that’s left undone
He even lashes out at his only son
On the run from who he is
Loafing around in utter despair
Angry at being a jaded old man

Lounging about the house all day
No job, no hope, living day by day
Then he had turned fifty-three
Angry for his lack of money
Upset at not being where he ought to be
He’s become a jaded old man

Baby steps are needed
Trying not to rush about
Using the power of his mind
To convey to all musically
Where he has gone, what he has become
A jaded angry old man

What we have come to know
What he could have been was checked at the door
He had pawned it all away
To support his family
He has come full circle
Yes, he’s our brother, the jaded old man

Living life full of regret
Trying so hard but he can’t forget
The life he once had led
He had turned his back upon
But his passion still burns bright
His music shall carry on after he’s gone
“Here lay our brother, the jaded old man.”