“Johnny, a Twisted Soul!”

There once was a man named Johnny
A twisted soul had he
He danced to the tunes of his own
And lived in poverty

Although he had been named a king
He gave his work for free
And he’d be a wealthy fellow
If he sinned in perpetuity

Now as you guessed I’m that man
A puppet with many strings
I’ve been caught up within a fable
And clearly I do truly see

The morals born out of my story
Are set forth where none can see
For I bare a lack of associations
Thereby I now live in obscurity

The world is full of opposites
Just like you and me
I’m caught in a web that’s so fine
It doesn’t exist within reality.

“Queen of My Heart.”

So don’t you have, need of me?
I gave to you my art, heart and imagery.

Framed with looks for a rising star.
Queen of my heart is truly, who you are!

I walk in silence, and I’m alone.
(Softly sing) I’m waiting to call your love, my very own . . .

So when will you, come for me?
I silently wait for only you, ever so patiently.

I’ve given my word, which binds me!
In the hope that your heart, would find me.

Never have I taken, things from you!
(Softly sing) I’ve been waiting patiently since, for only you . . .

So I’ve been waiting, not so patiently.
With an open mind and heart, filled with sincerity!

For only you can, set me free.
(Softly sing) All that I need, is your love . . .

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