“Kiss Me.”

Kiss me . . .
Please kiss me with passion
Let our feelings combine
And pledge that you’re mine
For all time . . .

My love. (pause) Fills me with desire
Oh, how I want to pull you close all of the time
My love. (pause) Should your feelings ever fade away
Oh, how it would tear me apart . . . every day
My dreams of love would die in a horrible way
So kiss me. (pause)
And confess that you love me
Oh, how your lips send shivers . . . down my spine
My dreams of you are sweeter than wine
My love. (pause) Sets me on fire
Oh, how I need to make you mine all of the time
My love. (pause) Should you ever simply walk away
Oh, how it would break my heart in every way
So kiss me . . .
And confess that you want me
Oh, how your body quickens the . . . beat of my heart
My passions lit for you right from the start