“Life Is a Masquerade.”

Life is a masquerade
Monsters lurking behind their masks
Watch the parade unfold
But I’d rather run this dance
Let’s have a ball, baby
Our time together is now
Monster’s Masquerade

Colorful and artistic
A flow of patterns
Art and designs
Live through participation
Or life will pass you by
So take your place
Upon the floor
Before your time
Has flown out the door

Eye-catching costumes
High fashions abound
Armani and Dior
Come on, baby
Pick up your glass
Cheers to each other
Let’s make this time last
Hold onto the memories
Live as if life’s a dance

Freeflowing structure
Claws up on the floor
Get your bodies moving
Let this song take flight
I’ll make our song continue
Throughout the entire night
Live in this moment
Take a bite out of this night
Pop culture’s all right.