They go down so easy.
The drugs they give you.
Keeping you sane and sober.
Starting life as if anew.
They’ve got medicine for everything.
Keeping you hooked, nothings new.
You pay through conscious efforts.
As your employer pays you.
Nothing is really ever easy.
What did you give away?

Sanity coated with my Prozac.
Fluoxetine helps keep you calm.
The ability enhances their effects.
Together to help my mind.
They say that I’m manic.
Diagnosed bipolar one and two.
Prior to getting my medicine.
I lost myself, that’s true.
This is my real story.
That I’m singing to you.

Lost are my dreams from yesterday
Lost are memories which faded away
Lost are many faces and things
Lost . . . Such is what’s been paid.