Lovesick Serenade

’ve walked many miles with you held within my heart and soul.
My heart is heavy with the burden of my word given long ago.
Many roses have I sent to you along the way.
Encasing you within my lovesick serenade.
Throughout these many lonely years I’ve kept my faith.
Hiding my feelings within my creativity, revealing outwardly nothing.
Encasing everyone within my lovesick serenade.
My hands are empty and heart heavy from sacrifices.
The embers within my hearth and heart glow upon hearing your voice.
Your breaths a long passionate kiss fanning the flames.
Moments are precious and time ever flowing with change a constant friend.
My thoughts of your love glow akin to stars within our night sky.
All you must do is open the door to your heart.
My heart has already encased you within my lovesick serenade.
We don’t have forever, just these few precious moments.
Yet our story will live on through eternity.
As a perpetual play found within this lovesick serenade.