Many Stories

Many stories begin from pretend.
Some are fairy tales, while others sad, without end.
For many years, I destroyed all my art.
Without considering the benefit to others.
Hiding my feelings within my soul.

My pain did grow, with nowhere to go.
Sadness and despair filled my life.

I’m now sharing all I create.
Some things are real, how I feel, not pretend.
For my future, I’m now facing my past.
Born from art, facing my heart.
Regardless of fear from the unknown.

My fears I know, I’ve let them go.
Happiness and joy now fill my soul.

My story begins from the unknown.
These many years, my soul’s healed, and I have grown.
Fear’s no longer holding back my being kind.
I’ve spent time crafting for others their dreams.
Ignoring my simple wants and needs.

My joy did grow, through others I know.
As King, I’ve given towards all with love.

Many years in my life have now passed.
I’ve lived in silence, along with despair, without end.
For a future to begin from every end.
I no longer hide out of fear.

My love’s grown, with what I know.
Through kindness, loves made me whole.