“My Ever-Singing Constant Dream!”

I have given my world away!
For your kiss from you yesterday!
When will you come my way?
It has been many a day!
I’ll let you know my truths,
For a taste of your fruits!
You’re my ever-singing constant dream!
Can’t you hear my silent scream?
Doesn’t matter how long I wait,
I sit here and patiently await.
All that I seem or seen,
Hangs within your hands, my dream!

I stand within the masses roar,
Same as I always was before.
And with my art in hand,
I await your love-filled command.
Time flew! What else to do?
White has descended, gold is gone.
My tears fall, my tears fall!
Mid-life, I answered your call.
With heart and art-filled treasure,
Cast upon my dreams of pleasure.
Oh, Father, there’s not a string,
Unable to stop the pendulum’s swing.