“My Heart”

I’m still yearning for you.
Waiting for the day our paths will collide and our dream will come true.
My heart is yours, no matter what I’ve tried to do.
So come back to me, no one else will ever do.

I’ve thrown my art at you.
Framed you with gifts of prose in order for your dreams to come true.
I’ve paid the price by walking away from all of you.
Preserving my soul, no matter what others have tried to do.

We’re finally together at last.
Our heart’s now one, built upon our mutual treasured past.
This monstrous dream has now passed, burning bright and fast.
Healing our wounds through our love that has come to pass.

It’s been a plethora of years.
Sharing life together, building our place, overcoming our mutual tears and fears.
Time has flown and we both do show the passage of many years.
Our hearts still beat in rhythm filled with love that’s cherished and held dear.

It’s now my time to go.
Toward a place we know within our souls that I pray you’ll wait to follow.
Please lead a long life filled with love from within your heart.
It’s now time for us to part, please don’t dwell within sorrow.

Although you shall shed many tears.
Worry not for me, I shall wait for you, regardless of the number of years.
I hope you’ll find your way forward, regardless of all your internal fears.
Release my hand, depart, and know that he’s calling unto me, my dear.

(brief pause)
My path is clear, bright, filled with love and light. . . .