“My Heart’s Desire”

And my heart left me as she wandered off into the night in the dead of winter and just like spring it will be to me upon my hearts return, passions lit.

softly Tread my love. My open outstretched arms awaiting your return. How I long to touch your smiling face, caress your body within my love’s embrace. I know that your love is returned I hear bells ringing!

My desire to have you share my bed is causing the blood to rush into my head. As I touch your body I am burned!

The smell of your perfume makes my knees weak! Your golden hair cascading down your shoulders captivates my imagination. Your eyes when they sparkle bring such joy!

You’re my life, my love, and soon to be my wife! Come back to me, quickly and safe. Now that we have found each other, let us not ever be apart! Come back to me, my heart, make me whole.