“No Crying in the Chapels”

Happy birthday, Elvis Presley
Today you’d be eighty-seven years young (update yearly)
Every time I hear your music
It brings to mind that you’re not gone

Although you left us all too soon, I must say
Through each song, you live on
So I sing to you happy birthday
Best wishes and many more to come

In my mind and heart, you’re not a day older
Through your gifts you’ve touched everyone
So, no crying in the chapels
Rejoice, sing. Give thanks and praise

For those gifts of joy you left us all
By sharing your life, creating fond memories
Rest assured that you’re not forgotten
Through all your art, you live on

So, happy birthday, Elvis Presley
From a humble fan, that’s all
I hope these simple words of thanks and praise
Return to you that which you freely shared

So sit back, relax, and carry on, my friends
The King Lives On

The King Lives On . . .