“Once Upon a Time”

Once upon a time, I was happy and carefree
No real idea or concept of what time was
Fast forward to today, Your absence is still felt

You’re loved father, no words can truly express this
My actions through life pale in comparison to yours
Yet, I continually attempt daily to honor your memory

The vacuum of your absence lingers like winter snow
It comes and goes but nourishes me as well
I realize, repaying you in this life isn’t possible

So, I try daily to be kind toward others
In order to harvest a bounty through my art
Tearing apart misconceptions, misperceptions, and myths with simple truths

Although I can’t see you or hear your voice
I dream of a time when we’d be reunited
Of better days basking in your loving presence again

Through my art, the heart and wisdom I possess
By making sacrifices just like the kings of old
In order for peace and love to truly reign

I’m never sad thinking about you
I’m thankful for being your son
Appreciative of the differences I’ve made
In the name of humanity itself
Teaching those who follow after me
That forsaking wealth, I’ve found wisdom

“Once upon (slight pause) A time, A dream (pause, then whisper) The end.”