“Over and Over”

I need her in my life
It’s my sorrow I’m hiding
They seem not to really care
It’s all about the money
To me it’s a bad dream
That keeps on simply repeating
Over and over in my mind

I wake up each day bathed in sorrow
Without real hope for a brighter tomorrow
I simply ignore all my pain deep inside
But from it I cannot truly hide
My smile is etched upon my face
I’m stuck caught in my silent lonely place

I go about my day bleeding emotionally inside
Without hands to hold; someone to confide
Hiding all my pain and bitter tears
Days, weeks, months now turned into years
I’ve made a difference improving many different things
But I’m denied her love, prenup and ring

There is a hidden cost to my charity
This I now do see with clarity
But to truly make a real lasting impression
You must swallow a lot of depression
Acts of true love bring about the same
For love is not an actual game