“Pandora’s Box.” 

You’re the key to my Pandora
With you shall I open and become
Turn . . . you’re the key; Turn . . . you’re the key

I have gone through so many things
I have seen more than you can believe
I fear that without you, I shall remain closed
I need you; baby, please believe

Believe that you’re the one
Destined to save me
In pursuit of my destiny
Please, baby, please, set me free

I have given away freely
What I can say with prose
In order to heal myself
But I realized I must have you

Some might say I’m crazy
Perhaps they are blind to see
What and who you are to me
You’re my ecstasy, the better part of me

Oh, please, baby, set me free
Become one with me
I’m down upon my knees
I’ll eat you up, baby

Did I mention . . . Please?!
Please, baby, please
I’m down on my knees
Set me free, baby, set me free

Baby, I have accomplished . . .
Many things
Beautiful you already . . .
Have my he(art)
I realize that I am nothing . . .
Without you
Baby, what must I do . . .
What must I do?

What can I offer?
Not material things
I can pledge my he(art)
I can pledge my soul
I can pledge my talents
Baby, without you,
I shall never be whole
You’re the music
The only symphony
I am already yours
Think of me
Every time you play
A melody

Set me free; find me
That’s right, baby
I am yours already
Open your he(art) . . . it’s me
Nothing means more
Love and art must be shared

The formulae to life
Music and performance
Expressing for others to behold
You’re everything I need
Baby, it’s you; only you
I have been waiting for a long time

I see you; the real you
I have too many walls within me
I am blind; through you I see
Baby, I need you . . .
Baby, I want you . . .

Baby, you’re my dream . . .
Baby, you’re my dream . . .
I am your Pandora . . .
You’re the only key . . .
Turn, baby, turn . . .
Set my love . . .
He(art) and soul . . .
Free; believe, baby . . .
This isn’t a dream . . .
I exist; turn, baby . . .
You’re the only key