ow can there be peace on earth? Everyone has their own opinion on the phrase “We are all equal.” No one can agree, so the world of politics shifts between right/left, love/hate, taxation/relief. Each side wants to control making the rules and opposes the other side. But do we have balance? Sadly, and unfortunately, no, we don’t.

Laws/rules are supposed to be common promoting fairness ethically, but instead we are at war with opposing ideals. Examples on inequality are rampant, from “WOMEN’S RIGHTS” and the lack thereof all the way through to justification for “CURRENCY DIFFERENTIALS.”

War has become too commonplace and is used not just for profit but to promote the sides in question. The lives of the people upon this planet represent our true wealth, NOT MONEY based upon GREED. For years, I went along in this life thinking that we were all equal, regardless of ethnicity, culture, or color of skin. Sadly, this world is anything but!

In the US, the Constitution was meant to be set in stone without the need for amendments or additional laws written against it. Nowadays, laws are crafted and designed by the few in positions of power in order to protect their interests, views, and positions. They do not promote “EQUALITY”.

Right now our world is enslaved to the pursuit of money to the point where the adults work and leave their children without their guidance most of the time, allowing for the MEDIA to bring up our legacy through electronics. Both parents must work to make ends meet through the screw tightening upon our sacred trust (government), and this stress is the root cause of the collapse of most marriages in the western world. Some parents can afford to hire individuals to care for their children, but they can’t replace a parent’s love and care.

How can parents truly trust the treasures of their lives with persons from outside the family unit? This is beyond my comprehension.

Thanks for allowing me to vent again.