“Reactionary VS Proactionary Conduct”

The entire global TRUST is trapped within a reactionary position, where ZERO proactive support programs within government-held corporations can thrive and survive due to fiscal handicaps based upon society as a form of both punishment and control, causing staggering suffering of biblical proportions as well as stagnation.

The era wheofn privatization of Crown or publicly held corporations is coming to an end simply because there is not much left. Most corporations are now held by the few over the many due to the mass accumulation of wealth.

I’m all for monopolies in business so long as the TRUST just prints the money necessary to run government at 100 PERCENT EFFICENCY! Print all the money to eliminate debts, all debts!

Everyone would benefit from this process! The money would flow to the hands of the masses and back to the cream of society through business.

All levels of society would benefit/thrive, and you would be able to right the books for every single city on the planet as well as fund MEGA WORK INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS of BIBLICAL proportions, the likes that this world has NEVER seen.

Urban planning and civic redevelopments using advanced tech would thrive and dot the globe!

We could then afford environmentally friendly energy sources! We could start planning to build mega sea walls to preserve land mass due to the rising levels of water from global warming, and to cure ailments that we sit on the cures for through the reactionary processes currently in use!

Further, we could do away with currency differentials and UNITE THE PLANET! “WE ARE ALL EQUAL” would be the slogan printed upon the money used!

The very idea of causing suffering to refill the charities and churches is sadly a form of governance presently!

Thanks for allowing me this moment to vent!