Its beauty’s breathtakingly stunning,
The tranquility found within nature,
Defies both words and description.
Looking through a friend’s eyes.
Imagining this moment lasting forever.

Life is our true wealth,
Found within ourselves and nature.
These gifts are sadly fragile.
When we combine our actions
Over time we see change.

Encased within scenes of beauty,
Captured upon a painter’s canvas.
A message of nature’s awareness.
Signs of age and decay.
The call of silent hope.

To be able to articulate,
Conveying nature’s silent screaming plight.
The aging and silent erosion,
Brought about by human nature.
The pursuits of mindless greed.

Thankfully It’s never too late
Fate is determined by actions.
By embracing the nature’s wisdom.
We can stop repeating mistakes.
Passing on this beauty forward.

Do you think about others?
Do you love this world?
Do you consider your actions?
Have you ever wondered why,
Things change and temperatures rise?

“For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” (QUOTE DERIVED FROM NEWTON’S THIRD LAW)