“Sin & Salvation”

Money carries the needs of others.
Their motives need to be impactful.
Can you imagine working for free?

No financial gains in charitable service.
Turned down money for God’s love.
Can you weave from the loom?

Sin and salvation a fine line.
Break no laws in God’s service.
Do you exchange your precious soul?

I have caused great events globally.
Through my heart filled with love.
Can you practice any artistic discipline?

I disassociated due to simply love.
Masonry and the Shrine are one.
Tattoos are a sign of ownership?

I walk around without many things.
Especially the love from my soul.
Does death in service guarantee life?

I’m interested in the artistic creations.
Fashion and a sense of flair.
God must redefine sin and salvation?

We ought to be all equals.
Regardless of race, religion, faith, creed.
Inequality exists between sin and salvation?

The TRUST is everyone’s precious life.
We should strictly apply self-morality.
Let GATOU and BALL decide fates?

I’ve seen many things as focus.
I’ve solved many things as KING.
Both GATOU and BALL must return?

Unity of purpose must truly win.
Our salvation is simply found therein.
HATE must give way to LOVE?