“Taking Back America!”

For decades, our desire for growth through investments and our open market approach has been the cornerstone for the entire globe. Every economy is connected through investing in each other.

However, recent instability within our financial markets and the partial collapse of our banking system have made us all take note that we require proper oversight and accounting practices in the business sector across the board. This starts with the offices of the government itself.

It is the goal of government to make the best decisions possible to secure our core values, freedoms, and prosperity. These are secured through regulation.

Unfortunately, the old phrase rings true all too clearly: “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.” We must always be mindful of this for our “FREEDOM’S SAKE.” We truly are not free but suffer in the bonds of corporate greed.


Clear, rigid, fair set guidelines to properly assign the core (“REAL”) dollar value for businesses entering into the public market through the sale of shares.

Avoid allowing mining and drilling to access funds through the stock market and banks. Through government trusts. The family unit can’t afford to take these risks.

Since this process is a way for the business communities to gain the capital for R&D, exploration to fan the flames of growth through the sale of shares, financial institutions should not directly benefit through brokering these sales using the publics funds they manage. Rather, these deals should directly benefit their customers.

When public investment is gained, the only way we can ensure that a person receives their just due for the risks they take though investing is through the issuance of dividends. This component is a must. There really is not any reason to invest without a steady return on the funds you place at risk.

The days of these crazy compensation/retirement packages must stop through regulation. All pubic companies on the open market should adhere to rules of conduct derived by our elected representatives.

Our government has failed to realize that the above breeds massive corruption.

All banking institutions are responsible through a current process that it, for the most part, self-created using the templates the government has approved.

Far too much is left to big businesses themselves through self-regulation instead of the public trust through government.


Any publicly traded institution that is sold by means of our open market through the issuance of shares should be regulated to issue cash bonds to be held in trust by the government, thus guaranteeing the base value of the shares in a typical interest-generating account. Interest generated is to be paid out quarterly to the shareholders through the dividends process.

In the process of filing for bankruptcy, any corporation requiring funds or assistance of a bailout from any government institution should automatically be put through a qualification process.

Further, any corporation that receives public funds shall automatically become 100 percent owned by the government and removed from the stock market.

The board is adjusted to answer directly to the Treasury Department and shall lose all perks, bonuses, and options upon acceptance. Salaries should also be adjusted to a reasonable base amount.

All employees (including executives) are to be issued a one-year contract. A review for renewal should be included within it (ninety days prior to expiry). This way, if their performance is not up to par, they will have enough time to find new employment.

Immediately, the trade of stocks for this corporation should halt and be removed from the marketplace.

Lastly, all shareholders should be given back their principal derived from the bonds.

Governments should never sell away the public trust.

These firms taken back by the government shall have the funds they generate be applied against their operating expenses. Once the government has this firm back on its feet, it should remain in the public’s trust.

Profits generated by these corporations will be directly applied first to the principal given as part of the bailout. Once the public trust is paid back, then we can apply the surplus to the national debt.

Banking institutions should hand over the deeds to the bad loans they have on file in exchange for the loan. However, these bad investments should have their values reassessed by a government agency.

A credit is to be given to these banks against their debt in the form of a tax credit.
There are parts of each city throughout the country that are almost vacant. People are being thrown out of their homes.

Example: Florida and the Gulf Coast. There are whole communities that are empty. Out of 100 homes, three are occupied, in many cases. Cities are running deficits because there are no people in those homes contributing to the city’s taxes, paying for the infrastructure and essential service such as police, fire, hospitals, and many other businesses and institutions.

Rather than leaving these homes vacant and these families out in the cold without the aid they deserve and desperately need, I humbly suggest these homes—or so-called “bad debts”—be placed in the care of your social insurance/welfare offices to use as housing for these families in need instead of providing them with the money toward their rent paid out to private enterprise. This keeps public funds going toward the national debt.

The families given the opportunity of a home over their heads through this program should be given public job opportunities. Road and bridge repairs, clean-up is but a few ideas. Further, these families can be given the opportunity to buy their home through public work programs.

A halt of urban expansion should occur. No new housing permits should be issued in municipalities that have a bad debt ratio over a government-assigned level. This will correct debt. Currently, when communities expand, who is assessed the cost for the creation of sewers, the running of water, hydrants, the creation of roads, schools—the list is endless? In far too many instances, these costs are swallowed by the people through the public trust instead of being applied to the developer(s) in question.

Another idea: vacant homes/buildings in undesirable areas or run-down properties, a recycling program should be created. What is done with the Gyproc on the walls? I believe this material is recyclable. Lightbulbs, fixtures, switches, wiring, wood, marble, and many other components can be recycled. This will assist with lowering waste taken to landfills. Further, lower-cost construction materials can be generated from these materials. Fewer burdens on the power grid, etc. . . . New job-creation programs.

Our roads and bridges need repairs and many require outright replacement. The restructuring of communities through removal of vacant homes and other empty buildings by recycling or by being raised of their existing locations and placed in other areas more suitable is one idea. Asphalt can be recycled from roads in these communities that have undergone this procedure. The lists of ideas that can be harnessed are endless in this area. New job creation program.

Government needs to create a public institution that provides universal health care for the people. We already have UNIONS that have developed over the years in the absence of good governance or the lack thereof. I was thinking that these unions can provide the infrastructure required for the government to provide this service. Government can legislate and federalize. This way, the retirement funds of the workers (public) is insured by the government (no longer at risk) and have the added value of eliminating strikes in the future. Further, it will add the value of a lower fixed cost per individual and lessen the burden on business. The funds these institutions control can be pooled to get this program off the ground.

Further, UNIONS also regulate that only qualified individuals carry out the work specified in each trade’s field. This can be merged with another federal office.

These tenders must be awarded to firms fairly. However, the current system does not protect the public from costly expense overruns. Take for example a construction site. Some contractors and/or developers that oversee projects take it upon themselves to reschedule the wrong activates, the procurement of materials, etc., in order to create an overtime or cost overrun situation. Further, all inventions with military applications should be bought by the government outright. A nominal fee per item created as a royalty/bonus for the inventor upon implementation or the creation of the items in question.

This process should be eliminated or strictly controlled through regulation.

To conclude, though the combined efforts of everyone concerned our future has hope but needs the sacrifice and effort from each and every one of us all over the world not just in the USA in order to secure our future and our shared core family values.

I hope my humble ideas are of help. Ideas are just that, ideas. They must be embraced in order to have effect. Make them your own. Share your own ideas openly.

We are all limited simply by our lack of creativity.

Strive to achieve. Believe.