“The King am I.”

My love is within much art for all to see.
I have framed many others for all of eternity.

Many do currently sing from my art and prose.
My heart is true to the call and rose.

I am a master of puppets with many strings.
Yet, also a puppet kept hidden in the wings.

Much of what I have given, toward others yesterday.
Has found your hearts in its own selfless way.

I don’t use money to associate due to corruption.
Yet my working freely has caused many a disruption!

I love you all, that is the simple truth.
Yet, alone I suffer in silence is another truth.

Many people do bask in your love and adorations.
But I’m cut out, lacking my heart felt associations.

By working for free indeed has a hidden cost.
I suffer silently with what has been truly lost.

Others have taken credit sadly for all my gifts.
Which has hurt me deep inside, causing many rifts.

I wear my silence and my stone hard mask.
As I get down to the works and task.

I am in truth the king of old reborn.
With a broken heart hidden in silence all forlorn.

I have indeed accomplished a great many worldly things.
Waiting for the one, with her prenup and rings.

So I perform every day for all to see.
Silently without rewards trying to give with total humility.

I have love in my soul working for free.
Through my Fraternal Family, both the Shrine and Masonry.