“The People’s Trust is Limitless!”

Brothers and sisters:
The world’s being punished through hate-driven laws and oppressive financial decisions ade by those very people in power elected to serve their public in each country in question. The political realm is too caught up with trying to force the public into make-work projects.

In the United States, it is a false climate of bankruptcy through debt. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS DEBT! The people’s TRUST is limitless! It is the few who placed these oppressive restrictions feeding off greed and the suffering of those in their care and charge. This MUST stop!

In the not-too-distant past, a KING was placed in power and simply printed the funds required to finance the TRUST at 100 percent. There was no need for oppression and austerity measures! It is fake news that the TRUST is broken! The KING would give the people the funds needed through the above processes in the care of the nobility (in our situation, it would be the president/prime minister funding each and every portfolio and the money would simply flow down to the people and back up to the nobility through business commerce).

Should the US be placed into a bankrupt situation, it would be at the direction of the cream of society and their collective greed and need to control everything with relation to the functions of society!

Simply go back to the old ways of doing things! PRINT THE FUNDS REQUIRED! Who cares about debt! It is an oppressive obsession, one that MUST STOP! Fund each government agency and institution 100 percent, starting with the MILITARY!

John Oross (KING) of Masonry and the Shrine 2007 through 2017