“The Whispering Wind . . .”

We are both in separate worlds.
Our paths have not yet crossed.
Both of us seeking the other.
With no road map from above.

It’s by chance that we’ll meet.
We shall trip over true love.
The fates shall have their say.
Through the gifts from God above.

We’re both puppets within a play.
One encased within shades of darkness.
While the other’s framed within light
and basks within the multitudes love.

Light and love are both bound.
Yet my voice shall not sound.
My word given does bind me.
Yet my future’s still my own!

I shall be . . .  the whispering winds.
I shall be . . .  the north star.
I shall carry . . .  on within silence.
I shall keep dreaming, you’ll be along.

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