“This is My Story”

I dream of her constantly
Yet I live life alone
From the very first moment
I’ve had nowhere to turn and nowhere to go

I fight using my soul
Against the confines of circumstance
Although I’ve swallowed much sorrow
Reaching out toward all with love

This is my story,
I’m following my heart
No matter what happens,
Right from the start.

I fought back the night
By giving away my art
Turned down all the money
To reap that which I’ve sown!

And I know, what I need to do
To mend my very soul
I must honor my love-filled heart
Giving my all, embracing my art

And this already improved our world
How one man’s story, healed many hearts
One doesn’t live forever
What are you leaving behind, before you go?

This is my story,
I’m embracing my art
No matter what happens,
This is my start.
To overcome that which you fear
Setting aside hate by embracing love