“True Love Ain’t No Game.”


I am here
Never fear
Husband for life
Perhaps today
Is the day
We meet down the aisle

Sitting here
All alone
Killing time
Wanting more
Than anything
My place
By your side

Fashion, fame
In the game
As you walk
Talking stops
They all stare
Fresh new looks
From the air
When you have
A phantom’s love
Gives it all away
For a chance
At your love
His true dream
Prices paid

Tried and true
Black and blue
Beatings on my soul
Nothing less
Do I want
In your arms
Hands to hold

It is sad
Makes me mad
Paper wins vs love
People kill
Makes me ill
So they can
Live a lie

It’s a play
So I paid
Only asking for love
But the pain
In my heart
Twists my soul
Grows inside

Look at life
Then at love
Now at where we are
Look at greed
Then at money
Now at who we are
We’ve not come far


I’m truly in pain for ya . . . ..
True love ain’t no game,
Oh, no . . . oh, no . . .  no, no
I want you so F N bad
Going stark raving mad
I’m giving away all that I am
For the chance . . .  for the chance . . .
Oh yeah . . . for the chance . . .
For your love and hand

(Back to the main for one more run-through; when reading refrain the second time, add:)
Your husband is who I am . . .
One that you can always depend.
Only your love will help me mend,
Oh yeah . . .  oh yeah, baby . . .
This ain’t no game of pretend . . .
Your husband is who I am . . .