Twisted Jester’s Dramatic Silent Screams. “

I walk alone in the light
My path hidden from your sight

Giving of my art and dreams
A twisted Jester’s dramatic silent screams

My frustrations are many and profound
Yet my voice utters no sound

Silence has descended upon my life
Loneliness too living without a wife

My potential is sadly locked away
Hidden by lies, sad to say

I lie alone in the dark
Waiting for love, that special spark

Where my mirror casts no reflection
Sadly devoid of love and affection

Selflessness carries its own internal gratification
Expect nothing multiplied to its personification

The things I’ve done remain unknown
I am reaping what was sown

By forsaking money along the way
I’ve no existence, sad to say

A Phantom’s prison is his mind
His love and honour does bind

I’ve no associations because of GREED
Serving for the TRUSTS in need