“Unity for Masonry & Shrinedom”

Brothers and sisters:

First off, let me thank you all for the privilege and belief that I could help you all and serve as KING for you collectively and affectionately, known within my heart as THE TRUST (2007 through until recently).

I am as I am. I do not serve you all collectively for GREED, rather out of simple love that exists for you all from the bottom of my heart and soul. The TRUST at many levels has indeed been united.

My personal observations are based on that of a true and righteous KING. One that will never come forward out of the negative.

I constantly keep my TEMPLE, also known as my MIND’S EYE, clear, in order to serve you all properly without having to sacrifice my own moral opinions based upon corruption using money. In order to govern effectively, you MUST never embrace sin else your life and soul become forfeit.

Further, as I have indicated before, sin and other people’s influence are easily transferrable through the sleight of hand born from the exchange of money for actions. Individuals hide their political views and agendas within their corporate conduct to avoid blame and avoid discipline should they and their corporations run into issues such as poisoning the environment for example.

Masonry was founded upon Israeli culture (Republican). The Shrine was founded upon Persian culture (Democratic).

You taught me, my brothers, and sisters, that at one time both Masonry and the Shrine had their own collective nobilities, and to this day, they still do, collectively. In both cases, Masonry and the Shrine nobilities in collusion (through the exchange and use of money) banded together and assassinated their kings and their families, for the most part replacing their TRUE FOCUS (kings) with “A Puppet with Many Strings!”

A puppet is simply an honorary position void of financial gain unless you wish to embrace sin as your way forward into existence, throwing away your life and soul in the process (this has already been done over and over in repetition for thousands of years up until I came along). There are zero financial ties to the actual seat of power, making them ineffective since they don’t really exist. This way, the lodges and temples would no longer have to share with elected kings and could pin their misdeeds upon the lesser kings along the way within this process. This way, the nobility would retain their control on the seat of power within both Masonry and the Shrine for their own purposes. To maintain control over the masses. The Lodges and Temples make their contracts for goods and services for those chosen from within. This way, control of both Masonry and the Shrine are passed down within certain families from one generation through to the next for thousands of years.

Both Masonry and the Shrine MUST do that very thing they think they cannot do, which is sort out their houses respectively, which means re-establishing their rightful rulers up to a point.

Masonry and the Shrine both use associations through money to try and rule, govern and shape society. Nothing new to report there on that front.

I was NEVER given a way forward into the life of my dream which is to have the love, affections and admiration of Hollywood and the elite of society not to mention I am crazy about one woman. For her love and hand I have already given for free so she could have her dreams.

It is my intention to work upon my existence through my art so I can find my place in this life but know this everyone, although I truly see clearly in most things, I gave my oaths out of love to both Masonry and the Shrine so much I am unable to say or convey.

Love you all,   Your servant (KING).  Johnny O