“We Are All Equal!”

“We are all equal.” The core value of the trust is the lives of all its people!

Humanity is managed by faith-based groups, people, governments, fractions, factions, and fraternities. All doing God’s work. It doesn’t matter whether a country fails. If we help each other and embrace the above, we stand for each other every day!

We, as the people (TRUST) in order to create a more perfect union, must acknowledge the above and practice it.

The first point of contention in our collective societies is the fact that currency value differentials exist between nations. If we apply the above statement to this situation and eliminate them, we are in effect practicing what we know is the truth. Further, we pave the way for a single global currency based upon a single market!

The second point of contention is the fact that our TRUST is supposed to have UNLIMITED wealth! We are supposed to print whatever the market needs and practice quantitative processes.

Third, why in the HELL is there a cap upon the people’s TRUST? How can we ever contain or control the greed of people; business is an extension of people and is the same thing.

Fourth, taxation was NEVER supposed to be introduced! War is a massive manipulation of the TRUST by corporations and political groups trying to mask the facts that the affluent don’t reinvest in our markets to the extent we require for they hoard their monies in order to maintain their influence, power and positions in society! We then allow our leaders to remove the cap to cover war costs.

Fifth, we the people (TRUST) must forgive bad debts. To expand on this process, look at Detroit. Sixty to seventy percent of the city suffers from urban decay, not to mention that they are also broke. The TRUST is SUPPOSED to buy back for pennies on the dollar all the depressed areas to right their books. The same process is to be applied to the housing market!

Sixth, the people’s TRUST is NEVER supposed to dump these depressed areas to the banks or developers. The TRUST is supposed to protect the interest of the people! Why would we also try to undermine the bottom lines of these businesses, banks, and developers? If the TRUST banks these properties and slowly redevelops then sells them back into the marketplace, the TRUST will benefit.

Seventh, 1 percent of the marketplace is supposed to be owned by the TRUST and government is supposed to manage these corporations to properly regulate business in every perspective of the market, regardless of what business it is. Helps to keep big business honest and the TRUST can manage GREED this way to the cost of inflation.

Eighth, if we embrace equality, it will no longer matter which governmental system the people choose. DEMOCRACY that does not embrace war is my preference.

Ninth, A cap and bottom line upon our treasury are very oppressive! This is how you enslave a population—by enacting all the above simultaneously!

Tenth, if we were all equal and practiced the above, we would no longer need to hoard anything!

Anyway, I am just blowing off steam. The world is suffering from oppression for no good reason. “We’ve fallen down yesterday, stand up today!” We are all equal—nothing more need I say.