How many times must we repeat the same things
When we know it’s wrong?
How many ways must we try the same things
Just to prove we’re wrong?
When you fall don’t you get back up?
I know you did!
When you stumble, don’t you catch yourself?
Yeah, I know that’s right!
When you err, don’t you make amends?
Or do you move along?
When you fail, don’t you try again?
I know I do!
When we lie to avoid the truth
We also lie to ourselves!
When something works, why must we mess with things?
Leave it well enough alone!
When you give, don’t you feel really good?
I know I do!
When our time comes, we’ll simply move along
Back whence we came!
When has it been proven that we come back
Simply to live again?
All we have is the here and now
That’s the simple truth!
Embrace your time, for it’s now
Before your end comes for you!