“Yin & Yang”

Masonry and the Shrine
Are united as opposites
Yin and Yang, constants
Balance and harmony, key

I suffer in silence
Using my lyrical self
Working in life freely
Within my mind’s eye

Unity truly must win
All is in nature
Life’s our true wealth
Our heart’s the key

I unearthed my stone
It has been touched
Without a physical hand
To avoid my death

A king is sacrifice
His is to rule
But first within oneself
Love is my currency

I need to live
A long life serving
Both Yin and Yang
A perpetual swinging pendulum

Getting back to love
Back to the beginning
You must overcome all
Through acts of kindness

By forsaking money’s hold
I rule for free
Without other people’s opinions
Keeping me at bay

Money is an extension
Of the king’s hand
Dispensation for your sacrifices
In service for all

I generate much revenue
Trust starts with self
Walked away from all
In order to heal

My ideas flow endlessly
Gifts for grand design
I’m truly not selfish
Embrace gifts for free