“Your Sins I Don’t Own.”

You were unfair toward me
It cuts like a knife
You wouldn’t let me in
I asked you for love

Yet no one truly knows
I’ve taken many hidden blows
Just like we make one
Life without love’s no fun

My warm tears have fallen
The bitterness of total isolation
Yet you’re still my rose
I bleed from your thorns

I always placed you first
For you alone I thirst
What must I really do?
The hurt keeps on repeating

The fool I’ve truly been
The devil’s in perpetual sin
An angel with blackened wings
I’ve died so many times

I’m alone in my silence
I’m alone in the dark
I’m torn in many ways
I’m a king without love

Gone is my youthful spark
Taking handfuls of pills galore
Depression bites deep within me
It’s never ever really over

Bipolar is my twisted diagnosis
Manic is my true love
Gone is my youthful appearance
Artificial, superficial repeating issues

Heaven’s smiled wide upon me
Although I believe in harmony
Hell’s waiting patiently for me
My soul is my own
Heaven’s tears have covered me
We’re all of us equals
I’m not truly really broken
My soul I do own
My mind’s won many battles
I’ve fought and I’ve given
Freely without any real strings
Casting aside money for love
Your sins I don’t own