The United Nations

This concept has been established 77 years ago thereabouts and is future forward thinking. United we stand, divided we fall not my words. We ought to pay heed to them. Currently, the world is being divided up in order to remain in conflict causing death and ultimately the demise of humanity over time. Common sense breeds common rules of law which would lead humanity to restore its path towards the stars and beyond. Star Trek is more than just a vision or dream, its God’s will (dream) for humanity to expand into the cosmos. If we do not do this and come together, eventually we will be a planet akin to Mars, devoid of all life except for the rudimentary. Think about this, are we just puppets in a sick play, or are we going to stand up and defend our rights and freedoms from hate, collectively we ought not to be wasting our time and resources’ upon a sick game of war causing death of humanity over time. This ploy has been deployed before, humanity is on the brink of either expansion or extinction. Now is the time to come together, not the opposite. By embracing hate and deploying such we are doomed to fail and fall to dust. Ever wonder why things are not to be written as a request in certain circles? Its due to trying to retain control.